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MSI File for FireFox using Azure Intune does not auto update

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We use FireFox MSI file to push out to all my users that I have on my Azure Domain. But constantly I find myself having to download new MSI packages monthly in order for our users to keep there profile intact and to update there Firefox. If I do not do this, users profiles they have on their PC will be wiped cleaned and they will have to start over new and then manually update FireFox. Only to have there dreams crushed when Azure pushes out the older version of FireFox the next day when they attempt to sign-in and sync with the domain.

Is there a way to prevent this manual process from me of uploading new MSI files monthly in order for our users to use FireFox with no issue? Strong pain point for any of my users that prefer to use FireFox, but Google Chrome and Edge does not have this issue.

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Hi, please check out the following: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/managing-firefox-intune

This worked for me!

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Thank you for the notes on that and the auto-update did push out, but did this not solve our problem. New version of FireFox came out and now users when they open up FireFox they get the message "Using an older version of FireFox..". Which could cause users to lose there bookmarks, history, etc because there profile is not updated.

So issue is that whenever a new version of FireFox comes out the change is not picked up and I have to install a whole new MSI file of FireFox; currently on v90 but will have to upload now v91. Example being currently I have version 90 pushed out. Open firefox get that error message below that they need to update the versions by creating a new profile. Next day they login, 90 is reinstalled and the message is repeated.

This issue now makes the admin apply manual changes monthly. Why should I bother repeating these steps when we have internet explorer, microsoft edge, and google chrome that does not require this amount of energy?

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