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Bookmarks Won't Import

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I lost all faith in Firefox a few years ago after a botched upgrade ruined it, so I downgraded and stopped upgrading entirely. The new interface is garbage, and I hate it. Everything HAS to be a distracting theme. Stupid.

But I'm finally trying to upgrade anyway for security reasons. When I try to use the new version of Firefox, I try to import my bookmarks, and only the bookmarks NOT inside the Bookmarks Toolbar import. Obviously, this means I can't upgrade, and I sure as hell am not risking upgrading this browser directly, since I have zero faith in Mozilla these days.

My question to Mozilla: Why can't we just import directly from another version of Firefox like I could if I'd been smart enough to use Chrome instead? And I receive a bloody warning when I open it, telling me to either create a new profile or quit, so there isn't even an option to import my bookmarks directly! I'm honestly thinking about just dropping you for Chrome at this point. It would just be easier.

My question to everyone: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO to get my bookmarks toolbar imported? I export. I import. NOTHING.


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Hello Sunspirit13,

Could you rephrase the sentence "the bookmarks NOT inside the Bookmarks Toolbar". I do not fully understand what you mean with it. Including your Firefox version may also help.

When exporting and importing only part of a library, do as follows:

0. Make a backup first, as always 1. Remove everything except the bookmarks/folders of interest 2. Export to HTML 3. Import HTML in new profile/install

If this doesn't work, perhaps you could try copying the content of your Bookmarks Toolbar to another folder first?

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