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Some web pages take over 60 seconds to load completely

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So the issue is if I navigate to a certain page it starts to load but takes 60-90 seconds to complete. The page in question is: https://www.walmart.com/co/Wrangler-Men-apos-s-Regular-Fit-Jeans-2-Pack/19759033

I have tried this with all Add-ons disabled and also in full Troubleshooting Mode, but it always does the same thing. The pages starts to load but the indicator in the tab keeping going for 60+ seconds before it finally completes.

I see the issue with Firefox 88.0 on Windows 10, and also with Firefox Nightly on my Amazon Fire table but there I got a Warning: Unresponsive script error .... ..... .... Script: https://i5.walmartimages.com/d...4e97-a031-6d8ef8af50bc.v198.ja:1. Seemed to be okay with Firefox Nightly on my Samsung phone, but it might be because it does not load that specific page. Also seems to be okay with Opera and Edge.

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Hello Jack,

The link for the blue jeans popped up like in 2 seconds for me on my FF ver 88.

Try tweaking the FF hardware performance settings.

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Have it set to "Use hardware acceleration when available" and "Content process limit" = 8. Not sure what else to do. Given the amount of delay It was almost like it was waiting for a timeout. Anyway, guess I can live with it for now. Thanks

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Try doing a FF refresh, which reinstate the default settings in FF.

I visit Walmart and other sites everyday and they all produce fast pages. Well, sometimes HomeDepot does not and the Target Sunday Ad is horrible too. But all else, work great on my FF v88.

So something you have installed either on FF or Windows is slowing you down.

Reset Firefox preferences to troubleshoot and fix problems

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