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Reader View v 87 - v. 88, contains many photos, often duplicated...

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The former versions of Reader View looked pretty much like normal documents - without all the superfluous clutter that an original webpage article might contain. So, it could easily be printed OR copy/pasted into a new Word document, and then printed. However, in the new Reader View (v. 87 - 88), most of the photographs are retained. In fact, they are often duplicated, i.e., instead of having one head shot of the subject of an article, there will be TWO identical ones - along with many of the other original photos (also duplicated). So, we now have a Reader View that contains twice the number of photos than the original webpage article did!!

The consequence? I have to "copy" blocks of text; paste them into a document; return to the webpage; dodge the photo(s); and go to the text for another copy/paste cycle. Spin, Repeat, etc. This is SO tedious, especially when the previous Reader View retained, at most, only one photo at the beginning, followed by nothing else but text. This allowed for fast and easy printing or saving. Alas, this is no longer possible (and I have expanded/modified Print Preview as much as possible and followed every other "temporary" tweak suggested in the Support Community!)

Lastly, on v. 88, I still cannot see the former "Simplify Page" (which, if memory serves, did not do as thorough a job of minimizing a webpage.) For what it's worth, is there any way the previous version of Reader View can be resurrected, preferably with NO photos, on a permanent basis?? Thanks very much.

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Unfortunately, Reader View doesn't have a lot of adjustments.

You can hide all the images in the current page using a script, which you can save as a bookmark and run by clicking the bookmark (this is called a bookmarklet for some reason). I set one up here if you want to try it:


It's very basic, it just sets a style rule on each image that it should not display.

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So sorry to read this, but at least I now know where things stand. I never thought I'd be trying another browser but Reader View was something I used on a regular basis (and while the bookmarklet is appreciated, both it and the new R.V. are too time-consuming for me). I'll check in periodically in the hope that things revert to "normal." (BTW, other threads refer to dissatisfaction with the new Reader View for printing purposes as well). Thanks for responding.

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If Firefox can learn from the Reader View implementation in other browsers, let us know.

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