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I just got a new PC laptop and was able to sync all of my Mozilla bookmarks to the new device. I've been working on cleaning up my bookmarks - they sure do accumulate.

My question is this: When I have made changes to bookmarks on one of my two PCs (one desktop and one laptop), how do I prevent the changes from being eliminated (changed back to as they were) on the device on which I made them, i.e. which computer to I sign in to first in order for the sync to have the changes take place on the second device rather than reversing the changes.

I'm sure the answer is simple and I could spend the time experimenting, but I'm more than confident someone out there can help be out easily, Please?

Something else that I really like. I have Apple for Windows 10 downloaded to my desktop. Any changes I make to my bookmarks on my PCs, get changed on my iPhone in Safari. Love dat!!

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Hi rebreps1

You can turn of things that you don't want to sync by clicking on the Account icon in Firefox and then Sync Settings from the drop-down menu then click change button in the Syncing: ON then deselect the things that you don't want to sync and then click disconnect.


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