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Firefox automatically starts some background tasks in windows 10

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whenever i boot up my computer, firefox automatically starts atleast 9 tasks in background that end up eating half of my ram, and one of them eats an entirety of my processor. Whenever i check my task manager(i use windows 10), it shows that one particular task is taking 100% of my cpu. I have to manually stop the task or it ends up slowing down my laptop. I already have the latest version of firefox and i am having this problem for 2-3 months. What do i do?

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Perhaps you should look more into what is actually starting up with your windows 10.

Step 1: Open the Task Manager, go to Start up tab and teporarily disable everything that is "enabled"

Step 2: Then reboot and see if the issue goes away.

Step 3: Nextly, re- enable 1 item that you had previously disabled and reboot.

Then see if the issue you were initially experiencing is still gone.

Step 4: Then repeat the above step #3 until the issue presents itself to you.

Step 5: Let us know what had been bugging your system  :-)

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It is quite normal to see more Firefox processes running.

  • process for the main Firefox thread (user interface)
  • one or more content processes, see:
    Options/Preferences -> General -> Performance
    remove checkmark: [ ] "Use recommended performance settings"
  • process for the compositor thread
  • process for extensions
  • process for WebRender when this feature is enabled

You can find the current multi-process state on the Troubleshooting Information page (about:support).

  • "Help -> Troubleshooting Information"
    "Application Basics": Multiprocess Windows
    "Remote Processes" further down

See also the about:memory page for information about the process IDs.

Note that future Firefox versions will be able to install updates in the background on Windows/Mac even when Firefox isn't running.

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