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“A web page is slowing down your browser.”

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Dear Volunteer. Not "yelling" at you personally, but...

PLEASE discontinue “A web page is slowing down your browser.” It’s useless, and EVERYBODY hates it.

Since this "improvement" was force-fed to us, the opening of almost every site gets hijacked and frozen by a redundant alert.

Please at least give us the option to disable it. Seriously, I see (Not Responding) in the activity windows more than anything else since the idiotic yellow bar made it's unwelcome appearance.


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Hmm, I hardly ever see it. I may be visiting very different sites or using different "blockers" than you are.

That bar is the newer version of an older message, but it's the same issue: there is an unresponsive script in the page which either (A) is going to spin its wheels forever and needs to be killed, or (B) needs an unusually long time to complete and just needs a little more time. I think getting rid of the option means some tabs will simply lock up with no recourse, but I don't know for sure, there might be some other way to kill a tab.

What have you tried so far to resolve this issue?

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