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Firefox stops responding

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So one day Firefox just stopped responding, it started responding again, but now it just randomly stops and then starts again a few seconds later. Bitdefender detects no viruses and I tried disabling all extentions and addons. I have an Intel Core i9-10900K, an RTX 2070 SUPER, and 32GB of RAM, so that isn't the problem, but I did observe that when it stops responding, logical processors 2, 12, 14, and 15 spike in usage.

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As a test, try temporarily disabling or turning off bitdefender.

Then reboot and see if issue with FF persists

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frequently (*daily) just stops for several seconds at a time, no response to anything, frequently the mouse pointer just stays in 'text' "IBEAM" mode, making it impossible to make selections or otherwise 'get moving'... it does this everyday i'd have to say (no so with chrome nor Edge. 16 gig of ram, 500g of ssd, spanking new install of windows 10x 64. I've tried so often to be an 'adopter' of mozilla firefox, but the bugs are just always here, and that is over years and years of trying your browser. ' so frustrating, I'm sorry this is so hard for your engineers to fix to a minimum level of usability. Its great for a while (hour or so), then it just STOPS, or the pointer won't release the texing ibeam. it's not like i'm doing something technically hard.

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