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Hosted forms at our website not working in Firefox v87

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Our website, www.twindata.com , uses forms hosted by MyContactForm ( www.mycontactform.com ) and have been doing so since 2016.

While doing an update to a form today, I received a message from MyContactForm stating this form is not at the location(s) it was listed as being at when the form was created. The message is attached.

I tried another UNCHANGED form that's been working for years and the same/similar error results. I downgraded to Firefox v86 and it worked fine, as well did the updated form I was working with.

The form is near the bottom of the page at this URL: http://www.twindata.com/cli/AG6601.htm

Any help will be greatly appreciated. We depend on these forms for our business.

Problems with something simply not working the way it has for years has happened with previous Firefox version upgrades.

Hopefully I'll see some answers and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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hello rt,

I use v87 FF and the form looks ok on my end. Pic is attached.

That error message you posted in the pic, isnt created by FF.

So i think it must be a message from another program you have installed in Windows and is inspecting the in/outs of the connections.

Incidentally, there is a red line thru the pad lock next to the url. See pic 2. So im leaning towards you having an application installed that takes notice of this information.

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Thanks for your reply. The form looks just fine when viewing it. This error occurs when you submit a completed form. If you try submitting a completed form you should get the error. Also when successfully sent you will get a thank you email I have checked it with FF v87 and failed every time. No problem with v86. Thanks for your reply.

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Oh i see.

I got the same error after entering some data into the page.

However, i got the same error with the Edge browser too.

So this issue is due to faulty web page design.

I do note that the page is a PHP.

So we have to be very careful with PHP pages because these can be programmed to download malicious code to the computer.

And though the website looks legit on the surface, it could very well be that it has illegitimate intentions.

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Thanks for checking it out . It is a legit web site, first ut up in 1998. I still mainrain with FrontPage 2003. But it works just fime witj v86. Any thoughts on that? Or any suggestions?

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I see,

i am no longer into HTML-ing.

The error occurs when sending information on an unsecure connection.

So, i would suggestion to move the form to its own webpage. Perhaps making a link on the main page called "Contact" where the user will be taken to a Contact page where the form should be located to.

Also, i dont recall ever seeing a red line thru the padlock. So this is probably a clue to the issue at hand. There should be no reason that it is not solid grey like for other websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, etc..

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The red line sinifies it's only http:// and not https://

I may try putting it on a page by it's own and see what happens.

Thanks again.

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ok, let us know.

btw: i think everyone is using https for hosting the webpages. But do use a regular http for redirecting people to the https webpages.

take for example 'http://www.ebay.com'

when you click on it, it becomes an https

so perhaps, the standards have changed and now https is the rule.

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