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Why does a system memory change impact hardware acceleration?

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Two days ago, I updated my system memory from 8GB to 16GB. As soon as I did so, on both Fedora 31 and Windows 7, Firefox became extremely unstable - as though it was running out of resources extremely quickly. On Fedora, I cannot browse at all - immediately upon loading a page, the tab crashes, including internal pages. On Windows, I can get away with some browsing - although crashes are still common.

For now, I'm going to disable hardware acceleration. However, I'd like to further analyse this and see if I can't find a fix.

To date, I have tried the following:

- Updated to firefox v86 (This worsened the problem, and I downgraded to v74)

- Removed and reinstalled my GPU drivers (no change)

- Disabled paging on my Windows system, and moved hiberfil.sys to a drive with more space using symlinks (no change)

- Increased swap space on my Fedora system (made things worse. Don't fuck around with swap if you don't know what you're doing, please)

- Moved profiles out of the appdata dir and created a new, blank profile (no change)

- Completed a full round of Memtest+x86 with no issues

Below are a set of six crash logs. There are more, but information overload. They are fairly similar, but I lack the familiarity with the Mozilla codebase to properly examine them.







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I had an additional crash just now, *after* disabling hardware acceleration. This one is interesting, it has no crash reason: