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Search engines limited to language version

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Hello everyone.

I tried switching Firefox (Windows 10) from Polish to English. (It is nice to see a program in your native language. However, most manuals, tutorials, forums etc. on the Web are in English, so using English version of apps wherever possible feels straightforward and consistent). I found one functionality that is browser language dependent for no reason - availability of search engines. Specifically, allegro.pl (Polish auction site). It's there by default when Firefox language is set to Polish. When I switch to English, it disappears along with other default Polish search engines, only to be replaced by English ones.

When I try a "manual" setup of search engines, allegro.pl is nowhere to be found. Firefox settings -> find search engines - no official allegro search engine (just some fan-made add-ons). Go to allegro.pl -> Firefox search bar - I expected the icon of magnifier with green plus sign that would add the search engine of current site - again it's not there.

Is there any workaround? Cheers, Rafał

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Thank you for the feedback. As you've found, the search engine definitions are largely language based at the moment. I'm not sure if we would ever offer allegro.pl for English speakers as from what I can tell the main part of their site doesn't support being in English.

Unfortunately it appears that they don't have an OpenSearch engine definition on their site which would allow you to "Add Search Engine" like you can in other places - to be clear, that is something they can provide, but Firefox can't do it for them.

One work around would be to right-click the search field on the site and select "add a keyword for this search". You can then be able to type something like "allegro my search" in the address bar (assuming you made the keyword "allegro".

Please see here for more information: https://support.mozilla.org/kb/how-search-from-address-bar

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I understand there's not much to be done now, unless allegro.pl themselves provides the proper engine definition. Obviously English-only speakers would have little benefit from using Polish website, however being both Polish and English speaker I find my options a bit limited here. I'll try the smart keywords feature or just take a pass; having allegro search handy is not crucial feature after all.

Thank you for your reply!

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