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Saved Logins - Same Username Different URLs Same Domain

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Saved a Login for Username X on Domain abc.com

But there is also a login for same Username X on a sub/folder/url at domain abc/admin/login

If I try to edit the saved loging to manually add ww.abc.com/admin/ ( user / password ) it says the user name already exists.

I want the username/saved login to be tied to the login page not only the domain?

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Saving multiple logins with the same username for a specific path isn't possible in current Firefox releases You can only specify the origin (protocol + hostname) and not append the path. You will have to edit the username in Lockwise and add some extra characters to be able to differentiate the login and remove these extra characters before submitting the form. You can create a login block exception for this origin to prevent Firefox from asking to update the stored password.

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Hello. Thanks for your reply. I think it is a bit of a mistake in Firefox.

It is a common requirement to "log in" to different applications in one domain on different paths.

For example, maybe you have a wordpress site at domain.com/wp-login.php and an opencart store at domain.com/shop/admin

Each application needs a unique/separate login. If they have the same username it should not be a problem.

In my case, I dont think I would chance amending the username to get around it in case it causes problems.. for example, wordpress usernames are linked to posts and permissions.

Is there a way to put it forward as an improvement/suggestion? I doubt it would be much work to add this functionality.

Regards Paul