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saving .xlsx files is not in Files and Applications: applications content type

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I frequently download excel worksheet files in the format of .xlsx The extension is not found in the Firefox options-files and applications-applications content type. It is not an option to choose this to save the file in a particular location--see attached screen shot. If it is under another name please let me know. There is an option to download excel worksheet files--only 97-2003, xlsx is an Excel 2016 worksheet. Why isnt this updated with the latest version of Firefox: 85.0.2 which I am using? Even if I select 'use excel 2016 (default)'--screen shot 2/ it does not have the option to remember where to save the file--only to open with or save, like the option for other files.--screenshot 3.

I just want it to always save to desktop.
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This can possibly be caused by Outlook sending the file as a generic file type like "application/octet-stream" or "content-disposition:attachment". In that case you can only save the file. You can possibly check this in the Network Monitor or Web Console

  • "3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Web Developer

Only with the correct content type as set in the Windows registry for this file extension you have the choice to save this action.