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Print Page Scale

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This is less of a question than it is negative feedback.

The new print experience allows me to enter a page scale, but it removed the previous ability to pick a page scale from a drop-down. It also closes as soon as the print is compete, retaining the manually entered scale.

Here's my old process: Load the page that needs 70% scale. Set the scale from drop-down. Print. Return the scale to 100% from drop-down. Close. The next page does not require any special attention, it will print from a single button push.

New process: Load the page that needs 70% scale. Open "more settings." Remove hands from mouse to type in 70. Print. Next page now requires undoing the first. Open page that needs 100% scale, open "more settings", remove hands from mouse to type in 100. Print.

The old process took 3 extra clicks. The new process takes 6 extra clicks plus moving hands to the keyboard. Talk about a "first world problem!" Nevertheless, there was no need to take something that was working well and make it less functional.

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Hello. This is really good, concrete feedback. That said, this website is for supporting users in using Firefox, rather than for requesting changes to Firefox. Would you mind opening an issue on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ so that we can have someone from the user experience team take a look and consider the points you made above?

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And if you do that, can you comment here with a link to the issue you open so that I can find it?

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Thanks for the note. I tried to go to Bugzilla. My Firefox sign-in did not work, so I tried to set up a new Bugzilla account. Got this message:

User account creation has been restricted. Contact your administrator or the maintainer (bmo-mods@mozilla.com) for information about creating an account.

I've emailed bmo-mods@mozilla.com, will keep you in the loop.

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Here's the link to the Bugzilla entry.



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I agree with mgilberg@aol.com. I actually uninstalled version 90 and re-installed 89 so I could use the drop down scaling. Even version 89 had no Print Preview unless one goes to about:config, tab_no, and then changes the preference (to false), so it looks like Mozilla was intending on removing the drop down in version 89. But because I use this feature almost daily, it's very important to me. Chrome and Edge have easier scaling than the new Mozilla version, but hopefully Mozilla will change it back to the drop down. Really appreciate your willingness to consider our opinions.