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You've launched an older version of firefox bugs

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi GIlbert Bigelow

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For the longest time, years, we have encountered interactive pop-ups that lead to failure of firefox to supply user friendly interaction. I can only think this has driven less avid users to decline interaction with firefox, basically driving them to other browsers or means instead of persisting with firefox. You've launched an older version of firefox is the most notorious pop-ups that has ever been delivered from firefox. the message goes on to read:

Using an older version of Firefox can corrupt bookmarks and browsing history already saved to an existing Firefox profile. To protect your information, create a new profile for this installation of firefox.

Most every time I open a file by this means it is through the file local system clicking on an html file and other times it occurs from an application on this computer directing me to a site where I should obtain specific information. I want you to remember that every time we save a pages those saves are in the file/folder combination of html that reside to on the computer; and, every time we wish to open one of these we are addressed with this less than ideal situation.

This advice has several deficiencies. First off as I see is that instead of offering a means to update the current version of firefox the user is given no alternative except to 'create a new profile'. How can this be a better alternative than an update?

Frustration that derive from this interaction is:

one, when I open a file I usually would like it opened in a specific profile so that all the data becomes associated with that profile

two, not only the time it takes to create a new profile and the lapse in an uninterrupted thought process but what to do with all the one-off profiles that are created in order to handle this particular situation. Further, every time a user wishes to open a file of this nature there is never an alternative means to tackle this reoccurring problem. For years it has been the same end-run-about.

In addition, this dialog seems flawed as we can always open the file with right-click file and select 'open with' through the file system in which the html file reside on the computer; but not when directly clicked on. If you try to search and read for the accepted answer to this issue you will find the answer is a bit more complicated than the average user will endeavor to install. More, I have seen that I can open the browser through the profile dialog box and never is it more than one version off yet I still have to deal with the frustrating pop-up.

Can we get an update button on the 'You've launched an older version of firefox' dialog box?

Thanks in advance! Gll

Được chỉnh sửa bởi GIlbert Bigelow vào

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Hi Gll, it's an unusual situation. The older version messages indicates that Firefox is starting up in a profile whose compatibility flags indicate it was run in a newer version. How is that possible? It could occur when you have two installations of Firefox, one that you use as your daily driver, and another that Windows considers to be your default browser. Let's see whether we can sort that out.

When you posted, your Firefox identified itself as version 86, which is the Beta or Developer Edition. Is that your preferred version? In that case, see whether you also have an installation of a different version of Firefox -- that Windows considers to be your default browser. For example:

  • Standard release (currently 85.0)
  • Extended support release (currently 78.7.0esr)

If you want to keep additional versions around for special purposes, that's fine, but then you need to change your Windows default browser setting to point to your preferred version. Note that unlike Developer Edition and Nightly, I think Beta uses the same icon as other releases, which is problematic for setting your default browser in the standard Windows 10 dialog. You might just have to pick one then test an external link and see what happens. Normally, the link will open in a new tab in your running browser.

If you go down that path, does that help in resolving it?

Note: if you have Microsoft Office installed, do not uninstall what Windows considers to be your default browser until changing to a different one. Otherwise, many releases of Office will lose the ability to open hyperlinks.

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Hmm, is the problem only with saved .htm/.html files and not with URLs? Although normally your default browser setting covers both URLs and locally saved .htm/.html files, perhaps that is not working on your Windows? You may need to go through the "Choose default apps by file type" list to fix errant ones.

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Thanks for your time.

Your answer resolved the question.

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