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suddenly safeway.com will not support firefox. Told to install chrome browser and use that.

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi Barry Jedrick

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The Safeway website has always supported Firefox until recently. Now we are told it is incompatible with Firefox and you must use the Chrome browser. Complained to Safeway and they just said they will forward it to their website manager.

Firefox works with all other websites I use.

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Được chỉnh sửa bởi jonzn4SUSE vào

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Hi, you could try reporting it at https://webcompat.com/issues/new, and they might be able to help get to a resolution. Please include as many details as you can about exactly what's broken and where/how it can be seen.

For some reason safeway.com blocks me due to some weird security issue.

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I think Firefox needs to investigate why this website (and possibly others) will not work with the Firefox browser when they did previously, and make Firefox work with whatever changed. Google seems to pushing the Chrome browser, and whether intentional or not, if more and more websites become incompatible with Firefox, it will become obsolete.

Mozilla tech experts should be able to install Chrome and find out what is different which is preventing Firefox from working. I have been using Firefox since 2007 and have only seen this problem happen recently. I do not want to change to another browser.

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Hi Barry, that is exactly why I've asked you to file it on webcompat.com - some of our web compatibility team will take a look and they'll have the expertise to know if they need more details or not and what to investigate.

I'd file it for you, but as I said above for some reason I can't access the site at all so I can't tell what is wrong (it seems to block my ip address for some reason).

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I tried your suggestion to report via webcompat.com, and it let me report it anonymously, but they have no way to contact me so I won't know it anything was done. Tried creating an account with Github, but that was so complicated I couldn't figure out how to use it, so deleted it.

Firefox just needs a simple way to directly email technical support rather than the community. Thanks anyway.