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How I get a time requestor in Firefox is very different (and alas WRONG) compared to Chrome.

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Ok, this is an annoying thing which keeps tripping me up.

Here is what Firefox shows me:


Oh, great and there is no "preview" I can see. (I'll see what happens when I get to the post part)

Fine. But this is NOT what I am supposed to see.

Attention to the right of the input window is the (x) button.

Also clicking on the input fields, not much exciting happens.

This is what Chrome shows me on the same site:


If I click on the clock icon (shown here in red) I get this lovely pop up.

Yes, I have the "default" ubuntu install of Firefox. Using .... Snap (or what ever it is called)

If I knew/thought on "DAY ONE" when I updated, I would have removed it and gone with the official installation.

I still can't find a clear (safe and easy) way to get rid of the supplied version and get the official one installed all the time keeping bookmarks, cookies, tabs etc. (That's another story.)

But is this something I haven't set in Firefox, or a ..... bug?

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The pictures weren't uploaded. And I can't edit the post. (Or: I can't find the EDIT button.)

Here are the pictures this time - I hope.

Oh, on this "Select images": I wanted to add two. I can't add them together. Ok, first time I have to navigate to the first picture. (Fair enough.) But why is it when I want to add the second I am put back at the top directory? I have to navigate all the way back to where the other one was and scroll through that directory.

Gee it would be nice if (somewhere, someone) remembered from where the last picture came and puts you back in that directory at subsequent times.

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