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Lost Fiefox browser

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1. I had firefox in a 64bit win7 proff with relatively high specs desktop forever. Last week it started showing update notification every time i restart firefox and I choose to "remind me later" or something like that (I made the settings so that it won't auto install).

2. During that week i did restart firefox and the computer and everything was normal untill yesterday when I did something normal but I rarely do, that is i turned of the computer for more than a minute and then turned it back on. Then firefox started having trouble loading certain webpages. Things like youtube, google maps, google search, bing home page, were flawless, while things like some businesses (i remember craigslist and goodwill) and some famous podcast webpages and my wifi controlled devices struggle (take too long, then message that they were taking too long, but never show up)

3. I first "refreshed" my firefox, then reinstalled it, then when it wasn't fixed deleted the whole thing and tried installing a fresh downloaded version (I think it was 83). The downloaded installer tells me that i already had firefox and if i wish to reinstall it and after that it takes a long time to throw a message at me that starts with ("hmmmm" for "some" reason unknown reason, the installation failed to work) or very similar wording.

4. The only browser left in the computer is the microsoft one that comes with the computer and it does open the modzilla website but refuses to download the installed (obviously) so i have to download it from a windows tablet and transfer it to this computer.

any advice/insight is very much welcome

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Hey there, Have you uninstalled firefox from your pc from Control panel? I would suggest going into Apps and Programs and check if Mozilla firefox is present there, if it is then uninstall it first then download the latest version from the official site.

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Thanks for the reply.

1. I dont know what "Apps" is, but i did conduct a search in the windows hard drive, especially program files folders, and didnt find anything named "firefox" or "modzilla".

2. Are you suggesting that there is an alternative way to uninstall windows programs than the "uninstall" utility in the control panel?

3. As i have stated before, it is not possible to download the "latest version" of firefox using the other "IE" browser in the computer, and the attempts to install a copy-pasted installer downloaded using another computer that has firefox, failed. Any thoughts about why that is? I am thinking about trying to install a different browser just to download the firefox installer, like opera. Is the a chance that firefox has fallen victim to the freedom of speach war thats going on on the internet and in courts?

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Hey, Other copies of firefox fail to load on your device because there is already a version present on your device unfortunately I can't help you as I don't know about this issue. Hope other contributor's can help you. Best of luck and apologies for not responding quick enough.

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