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Inconsistent Firefox Instances When Started As User vs System

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I'm running Firefox Portable on Windows 10. There is only one executable file in one location.

When I open Firefox as a user, by clicking the icon, I get a different instance of Firefox than if the system opens Firefox [for example, if I click on a link in a different program that opens in a browser]

How do I stop this from happening? I've attached a screenshot to illustrate the differences between the two instances:

1a/1b - User instance does not have pinned tabs, while system instance does. 2a/2b - Despite being logged in to the same Firefox Account/Profile, the toolbar is ordered differently between the two instances. 3a/3b - They're both using the same installed OneTab extension, but they have different numbers of pages stored. 4a/4b - They have a discrepancy in pages and dates for stored items.

I don't seem to have a way of selecting which instance I get manually. If I had pages pinned or saved in OneTab in a System invoked instance, without being aware it is a System instance, and my laptop restarts, I can't resume that instance and recover those pages without using another program or app to invoke it. No matter how many times I open, close, restart, whatever, Firefox myself, I won't be able to get those pages or pins back.

It caused for a lot of frustration, and doubts about my sanity, before I finally realized what was happening, and now I'd very much like to know how to make it stop and operate a unified instance no matter how it is invoked.

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