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feedback about why I no longer use this browser

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I dislike how bad the customer service is. Firefox doesn't listen to anyone and works hard to make sure they cannot listen to anyone. Notice how this link doesn't work: https://qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/Give-feedback-landing-page

However, the main reason I no longer use this is the back and forward buttons don't work on 3rd part mice. It;s really annoying, and I don't want to get carpal tunnel over manually reaching for buttons that don't actually require that.

In short, I'm not a masochist. I want products that are not frustrating; who doesn't? The "community" (i.e. outsourced customer service to unpaid lemmings who give their one and only lives to this for some reason) doesn't result in changes or answers.

Because Mozilla refused to receive feedback elsewhere, I need to post this here to give them some kind of a clue that they're moving in the wrong direction. 3rd party hardware is everywhere. Accommodate it or fall behind into uselessness.

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This appears to be your first post here. Seems a little rude to criticize the support volunteers when you haven't even asked a question yet.

What model is your mouse?

And for giving feedback, here are some alternatives to the Input site:

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The back and forward buttons of my mouse still work in 85 beta. Make sure you do not have a mouse driver that changes the behavior of these extra buttons, because Firefox expects that they behave in a standard way.

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