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a failur happned as adding a secondary email for Firefox account

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I tried to add a secondary email 2 days ago. For some reason, this email can't receive mail for 2 days. It is workable today. So I try again. And a error message said "tried too many times, please try again after 15 minutes". After 15 minutes, still fail, another message "Your email was just returned. Mistyped mail?".

I'm very sure the email works normally. So how can I add this email as a secondary one? I'd tried another email; it can be added. It seems the reason is related email address. Firefox version:84.0 // Windows 10

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Do you use a Gmail address for either the primary or secondary? Please wait until the Gmail outage is fully resolved and its servers are responding normally again to avoid a lockout.

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jscher2000, thanks for your reply. No, I used a tutanota mail (T1) as primary in beginning; and I wanted to add another tutanota mail (T2) as a secondary. It didn't work. Yesterday, I suspected if the failure was caused by same mail domain. Therefore, I changed T1 to an outlook mail instead (add outlook mail as secondary first, and then change it to primary, delete T1, successful) ; and it was still failed for adding T2. I hope to add T2 in secondary; and then change T2 as primary. That's my plan.