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Skype Compatability

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Why Skype online shows that the browser is not supported?

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Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? What is/are the exact error message(s) ?

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Hi, Microsoft has stupidly decided that it will only work on Edge and Chrome: https://www.skype.com/en/features/skype-web/

You could try Google Meet online which should work on Firefox: https://support.google.com/meet/answer/7317473

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yesh FF is not supported by skype went to download it and said brower not supported

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ok on the skype site they are saying FF doesnt support skype I went to download it and after downloading it it wouldnt open box came up your brower doesnt support this please fix this asap

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Skype is using Chromium platform. Firefox does not support Chromium. It is possible to change the User Agent string in Firefox, so it reports to server as Chrome, and with this, Firefox will load Skype for Web application. However, the functionality is limited. Messaging works well, but audio/video calls don't.

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