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"Sorry. We’ve locked your account". -> How do I reopen my account?

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I have been locked out of my firefox account: I can log in, but I can't sync my saved passwords, bookmarks, search history and so on. I now have access to my email account again: xxx@sol.dk - but how do I unlocke it, so that I can sync my stuff to my new, re-installed firefox browser??

When I press the link 'let us know' (see photo), I'm redirected to this page: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/ And I'm stuck, I can't seem to figure out how to solve this..

Hope you can help me! Kind regards

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Hi! this is an ip-based block that will expire in a day or two. if you are under a hurry you'd need to try from a different network or trough a vpn/proxy service. The only way to keep using Firefox Account is to create a new account. See https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/what-if-im-locked-out-two-step-authentication here for more information.

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Thank you very much, @Henry.M - you saved the day!

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Its just one big loop, Thanks Firefox for locking people out of their own accounts, you put the "y" in Smarty. Y? was Firefox hacked by Chrome? maybe its a trick to go download Chrome, Is that what you want us to do Firefox? I didn't get one lousy email so you locked me out, can you spell DUMB? if I cant access in the next hour it will be good bye.

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Henry.M If I create new account, will I be able to move bookmarks to new firefox account? I have 2 years of bookmarks saved. I need assistance in unlocking that "Sorry, we've locked your account" screen. Isn't there some kind of "RESET" button that I can use? Thanks. Ron

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Note that you can use a removable USB drive to transfer personal data like your bookmarks.

You can copy certain files with Firefox closed to the current profile folder to transfer or recover personal data.

You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

  • bookmarks and history: places.sqlite
  • favicons: favicons.sqlite
  • bookmark backups: compressed .jsonlz4 JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder
  • cookies.sqlite for the Cookies
  • formhistory.sqlite for saved autocomplete Form Data
  • logins.json (encrypted logins;32+) and key4.db (decryption key;58+) for Passwords saved in the Password Manager
    key3.db support ended in 73+; to use key3.db in 58-72, make sure to remove key4.db
  • cert9.db (58+) for (intermediate) certificates stored in the Certificate Manager
  • persdict.dat for words added to the spell checker dictionary
  • permissions.sqlite for Permissions and possibly content-prefs.sqlite for other website specific data (Site Preferences)
  • sessionstore.jsonlz4 for open tabs and pinned tabs (see also the sessionstore-backups folder)