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No audio in FF

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Hey Firefox community,

I was watching videos on youtube using FF earlier on today and there wasn't a problem, but for some reason I'm currently not getting any sound on any website. I'm using a wireless headset and can hear the audio in steam/non-steam games, can talk to friends using discord and can play audio/video files that are stored on my HDD with no audio issues.

Here's what I've checked so far:

- Volume mixer says that FF isn't making any sound, which is odd. - I've turned off hardware acceleration as recommended on another thread, but to no avail. - I've restarted FF and my PC because sometimes it's just that simple. - I've tried other playback devices (computer headphone output, focusrite scarlett solo) and FF won't play through those either. - Just in case someone asks, youtube isn't muted.

I've isolated the problem to FF and considering that I hadn't changed any settings until after the problem occurred (hardware acceleration) I can't for the life of me figure out what might be causing this audio issue. Any help would be appreciated, but until then I'll have to use edge. *shudders*

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Is there a reason you're using an old version?

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My bad, I didn't realise that I was using an old version. I'll update now and post my results.

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I updated and still no audio. I also installed Opera and that won't play audio either, so it's clearly not FF. It's just so strange how anything on a browser won't play audio all of a sudden.

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Have you right click on the speaker in the tray to look at the mixer? How about uninstalling your audio driver and let windows find it again?