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Need help restoring tabs and windows after computer shutdown - there is no restore last session (more info.) - HELP

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My computer shut down when it was in the process of re-opening my previous last session. I looked in the profile folder... It has the recovery, previous, and upgrade json files available. Every time I try to restore these files via Library > History... it just keeps on talking about the bookmarks. I need those specific sites open up as it was for my studies. Yes, some of them date back a couple months and was going to go through them. I just was wishing someone could help me restore this data.

I did check this website:


It seems like the files seems to be working? I'm not entirely 100% sure, but I see information there on websites and such that I had opened up. Not direct links.

Further, I do know that the previous was the last one that was closed properly. It's just the one that have "recovery" are the smaller files that don't retain any information.

I tried looking at available topics and pages on windows, but none seem to solve my problem. I would appreciate it if someone can help me as I feel like I am missing one last step or doing it incorrectly on how to open these files, again.

Thank you for all the help in advance. I do really appreciate it as I need these tabs restored. >.<

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If you have a previous.jsonlz4 file that has all tabs and windows when checked with the scrounger then try to place this previous.jsonlz4 file at the main level of the profile folder as sessionstore.jsonlz4 with Firefox closed (i.e. replace the existing sessionstore.jsonlz4). You may have to check "History -> Recently Closed Tabs/Windows".