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Facebook marketplace url redirect

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I'm not sure if this is a firefox problem or a Facebook problem, but when I click on certain links in Facebook Market place I get the above message. Other links that go to http://Facebook are fine, but the redirect on things like browse local, or reduced price kicks out this fb:// url. Also it seems like either I'm the only one to use these features or I'm the only one this is happening to because there isn't anything listed about it online.

It works fine on the FB app on my phone, but not on any of my PCs.

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A custom protocol like fb: may be intended to open in the Facebook app.

I wonder whether Facebook is serving mobile links because it thinks you are on mobile, or whether the seller used mobile links?

Does Firefox desktop show a popup asking what application you want to use to open those links?

Probably an add-on could "fix" the links if the author has figured out the pattern, but it seems that it shouldn't be necessary. ??

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It's not a seller it's marketplace. No there is no pop up asking what I want to use, it just gives the error message above and says "you might need to install other software".

I looked quickly for an add-on but didn't find anything immediately that could help. Which isn't surprising because I couldn't find anything else on the problem.

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Even when you access Marketplace on the desktop page (www.facebook... not m.facebook...) you get fb: links? That sounds like a bug in the Marketplace pages, but I'm not sure what to suggest.

If you use any add-ons that modify how Facebook appears, you could try disabling them temporarily to see whether that makes any difference.