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No audio from Firefox on any site

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I started having an issue where I do not get any audio from Firefox. Everything else works fine. Firefox is not muted, it's not turned down in the mixer. I completely uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller to make sure ALL registry and directories were deleted. When I reinstalled it did not give me the "You've already installed" message, so I know this was a complete reinstall.... Still no audio at all.

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Does the Firefox bar in the Volume Mixer show that Windows is receiving output from Firefox?

If so, the issue may be that Firefox is sending to a different output device than the one you're listening on. I frequently switch between laptop speakers (bleah) and Bluetooth headset and Firefox doesn't ever fail to follow. But some users have reported that Firefox may get stuck on a removed or disabled audio output device under some circumstances.

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No, I don't think so. The green bar does not go up and down when there should be sound playing. Other apps do move the green display though, just not Firefox.

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Anyone able to help or tell me where to go for help?

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When audio is playing in a page, does Firefox show the little speaker icon on the tab? That icon also is a mute button; you can click and unclick it to mute and unmute.

(From: Mute sound in Firefox tabs)

If there's no speaker icon, hmm.