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Today while using Firefox, I was composing a reply to an e-mail (on gmail), when I heard a series of 10-12 beep tones, and then I was abruptly disconnected from Firefox.

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Can anyone explain what happened, and tell me how to prevent losing contact with Firefox like this?

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I can't think of any beep tones that Firefox would make while typing an email message.

When you say you were disconnected, what happened? Did Firefox go offline and you were not able to send the message? Or did Firefox close?

Do you recall whether you were browsing through your standard internet service provider connection, or were you using a VPN (such as Mozilla VPN) or proxy (such as the Firefox Private Network add-on)?

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Thanks for your reply. What happened was that after the final beep tone, the Firefox screen and the gmail webpage disappeared from the screen. I clicked on the Firefox icon on desktop, and Firefox re-opened, and so did the gmail webpage, including the reply email I had been typing, so I was able to send the e-mail after all.

I am new to Firefox, as I downloaded it on the day before yesterday. I am not connecting through a VPN or a proxy, but I do plan to get a VPN soon, probably NordVPN.

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Hmm, I can't explain it. Maybe if there were a parental control app running that only allows so much browsing time, but if so, it's not a very effective app.