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I use an app that enables me to scan an expense to pdf, then opens the pdf file so I can see the details to enter the amount, supplier, expense type, date into the bookkeeping system to create the bookkeeping entry and attach the pdf to it. I use Firefox as my default browser (version 83.0). However, I cannot see the PDF data anymore - it is totally blank, so I cannot use the functionality. I have queried this with the bookkeeping support who say this is a browser issue. If I use another browser e.g. Opera the functionality works fine. Can anyone suggest whether this is a Firefox settings issue or suggest a fix? TIA

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Hi Pedro, is the scan opening directly into Firefox's built-in PDF viewer in its own tab? Usually that should be fine.

Is this the only kind of PDF that displays blank?

Firefox's PDF viewer converts the PDF to an HTML canvas. Do you use any features that might restrict the use of an HTML canvas? Some anti-fingerprinting settings/tools may block canvas use as part of their feature set.

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You can also check the Web Console to see if there is more detail available.