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Fastly cdn+tracking site calls home unexpectedly

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Recently a Website "Fastly" tries to connect to its own IP addresses. Even if nothing has been done to call it,

My research shows that Fastly now owns the IP addresses formerly used by the known spyware ad supploer Cambridge Entreprenurial thru I see these connection attempts because my FireWall specifically blocks the address used by Cambridge Entrepren... So the FW gives me a popup. (which I can bypass temporarily)

But I can't find a way to stop it or what is causing Fastly to do anything. It just seems to call home when it feels like. The only consistency is only partial at best. That is for Amazon.com. In that case sometimes connecting to Amazon.com works fine. But much or most of the times I do not get an even cl;ose properly formatted Amazon page. And if I do get an OK Amazon home page, odds are high the next tab-page I open will be messed up, or not have any formatting or no graphics at all.

Any ideas? And can we get rid of Fastly or do we just have to block sites that allow Fastly to operate?

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