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Issue with update 83.0

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Am not computer savvy, but know just enough to get by with performing most routine desktop usage tasks .. I am running Windows 8 on a Dell Inspiron 660 desktop which uses Intel's built in HD graphics 2500.

Up until Firefox update 82.0.2, I had no issues with Firefox whatsoever. Applying the update to 83.0 resulted in numerous error messages along the lines that my display driver had stopped responding (but successfully recovered).

While glancing through some of the event error logs, as best I recall having seen, at least one made a reference that Firefox could not access the graphics card (or something to that effect).

I then opted to perform a system restore and rolled back my system to where I was once again using Firefox update 82.0.2 successfully and without issues. FYI, I am using the last intel display driver available for my Dell, so updating my display driver isn't an option.

Unless and until others report a similar issue, guess I will continue using Firefox as updated to 82.0.2 and not downloading any further updates. Any comments would be appreciated.

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ikey48 said

resulted in numerous error messages along the lines that my display driver had stopped responding (but successfully recovered).

Could you mention which log? Windows event viewer? If possible post them (make sure no PII included).

Try to turn off hardware acceleration in settings and see if errors persist. If so, then something other than gpu is wrong.

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?

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Thanks for the responses.

As I mentioned, I encountered error messages above my taskbar relating to my display not working (but successfully recovering), each time I launched Firefox. Of course, this was after I had installed the update to 83.0.

Not knowing what the proper troubleshooting course should be (and assuming the errors were directly related to update 83.0), I opted to perform a system restore which turned the clock back to where I was once again using Firebox 82.0.2. Since doing that, no further error issues.

I'm not sure which event log that I happened to come across using event viewer (prior to performing a system restore), but I do remember a comment which suggested that firefox.exe was blocked from doing something related to the display. Obviously, that particular event log probably doesn't exist anymore.

From what I see, my Dell desktop Inspiron 660 uses an integrated Intel HD graphics processor 2500, which does not allow me to turn on/turn off graphics acceleration so I can't entertain that suggestion, even if I were to install Firefox update 83.0 again.

I posted my problem issue hoping to find out if any other users had encountered error messages related to their display adapter after upgrading to Firefox update 83.0.

For the moment, I will continue using 82.0.2.

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I called for more help.

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