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New Firefox Update

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FF is nagging me to no end to upgrade, from 82.0.3 to whatever. I would prefer to just get rid of the nags if that is possible.

Short of that, the upgrades are NEVER as advertised and always blow up things that are never covered in the upgrade release notes. I get the impression these upgrades are poorly tested. The last site-specific video AutoPlay problem I had took two months to fix -- no thanks to FF support. But I got it fixed. That involved Engineer Buddys at Intel and the source code.

Here I'll ask the same old question and no doubt get the same canned response -- Are there any unexpected blow-ups I need to know about NOT covered in the release notes ? Of course the answer will be No, because the volunteers are not privy to the thinking and failures of the developers.

Let me be clear about this: When/if I upgrade (because the changes wrought in my modified browser will be blown out and I'll need to co-opt more help with that) is there anything extant that will not work ? Anything at all -- especially with respect to video AutoPlay features ?

Upgrade agony got way too old a long, long time ago with respect to settings I had tweaked and got blown out...

Can anyone help with this ?

Preferred solution: Shutdown the upgrade nags.

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