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Mozilla Bookmarks disappeared

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Hi guys & gals, Woke up this morning to a Mozilla update (version 82) & I cannot for the life of me get any of my Bookmarks back. I have tried restoring from Show All Bookmarks, but no dates are populating. I have tried the Mozilla Profile on my PC, also with no luck. The only thing I haven't done is restored my PC to a previous time. This is very frustrating!

Any assistance would be most appreciated. Cheers Max

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What about the rest of your profile? Settings, bookmarks, history, passwords . . . .

druidgerard said

I have tried restoring from Show All Bookmarks

Are you talking about 'Restore And Backup'?

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Yes mate. Restore & Backup on Win 10. I can't find my old profile. But everything was gone, no history, passwords, bookmarks, nothing. It was like I installed Mozilla from scratch.

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Note that you should be cautious with doing a Windows System Restore as that usually causes more harm than fixes.

Maybe check this:

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Thanks cor-el. I did try that. I will take another look when I get home from work. Appreciate your response. I don't want to do a system restore. That's my last resort.