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I recently reset my Firefox browser, and the bookmarks are gone. Is it possible to retrieve them ?

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Are you logged into the browser?

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I'm using it now, if that means 'logged in'.

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Can you try logging into another computer and signing into Firefox and see if your bookmarks come back? If nothing is there then this may help.


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raycaemm said

I recently reset my Firefox browser, and the bookmarks are gone.

If you used the Firefox Refresh feature, then there should be a folder named Old Firefox Data on your Windows desktop. Can you find that? Inside, you can drill down to the bookmarkbackups subfolder. Each file should have its creation date coded into the name. Is there a backup from the time frame you would be looking for? If so, that's promising. More steps to follow if relevant.

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Updated firefox - all bookmarks gone - went into old files and found bookmarks. Now what? I need them back immediately. This is very frustrating. Am considering deleting firefox for this disruption.

Concretely, how do I get all of my bookmarks back in my toolbar. Succinct replies only.

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Hi SqrlGrl, just to make sure, is the problem a hidden Bookmarks Toolbar? You can press Ctrl+Shift+B (on Mac, Command+Shift+b) a time or two or three to turn the bar on/off to check on that. If it shows a message about adding bookmarks to the bar, let us know as that is a different issue.

If your bookmarks are gone but you have an Old Firefox Data on your system Desktop:

You're going to use the Restore feature to apply a backup. The bottom of the Restore menu has a "Choose Files..." item. Click that, point Firefox to your Old Firefox Data folder, click down into the bookmarkbackups folder and restore the most recent backup. This article will get you to that menu:

Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer