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FireFox lockups

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No matter what version of FireFox i use it constantly lock`s up , freezes. Nothing works to resolve the issue, restarting the desktop, refreshing the desktop. The only thing i can do is kill the process or reboot but the problem just keeps coming back without fail. I`m using deb 10.6 with a dell i5 4th, gen with plenty of ram and hdd space, it`s a new install at that only about a week old. I have noticed this has been a problem with FF ever since i started using it many years ago.\ The others are all the same, it seems that people and companies don`t take much pride in their work anymore. You see this everywhere not just with FF.

I also noticed that when "Share Data" is checked Wikipedia is mentioned, this site is so subjective it is not allowed to be used by any University student for research so why it it doing being used here ? The other problem is if plugin info can be seen and recorded why are extensions allowed in the store that supposedly block this info from being collected when they don`t work, this feature proves it, if it's supposed to be blocked then it would not be published in the form even after clicking "Share Data" clicking anything is irreverent it should be blocked no matter what.

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What were you doing at the time? surfing, watching a clip, reading something . . . .

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?

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I was web surfing. This also happens when i watch videos on any site like youtube etc. Constant lockups - freezing.

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Plugins should not be a problem but on occasion they are, not in this case though.

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How do i do it ? I`m using a dell OptiPLex3020 with a dell monitor & Linux Debian 10.6.

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I don't know Linux and called for more help.

Are you currently using a version from the repositories of your Linux distribution? Try the Firefox version from the official Mozilla server: