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FF 83 Two-Finger Scroll Sensitivity

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Hi, I just updated to Firefox Developer 83.0b4 and the two-finger scroll sensitivity has been drastically reduced with no clear way to reconfigure it. I've spent the past 30 mins tweaking scroll settings in `about:config` (restarting FF after each value change) to no avail. In fact, it doesn't even appear that enabling/disabling `general.smoothScroll` or `general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel` have any noticeable effect, let alone the many other options listed. Are there any pages that describe the myriad options in `about:config` so that I can take a more measured approach to troubleshooting this issue?

What changed? And why? Chrome did this same thing at v68 without ever providing any way to configure it and FF has been my main browser since. I'm just trying to understand how such a significant input change can happen overnight without any explanation or any way to fix it.

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Alright, so I've installed Firefox 82.0b9 (Windows, 64-bit) and can indeed confirm that something is amiss in 83's scrolling. When I tweak settings in 82's `about:config` changes are immediately tangible without even having to switch or reload tabs. If I disable `general.smoothScroll` entirely, it becomes similar to what I am experiencing in 83.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, you can download Firefox 82 here: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/82.0b9/ (If you are uncertain as to which operating system version you should install, go to "Help" > "About Firefox" from FF's main menu and it should tell you which version you currently have installed.)

Edit: Oh, and I should also mention that if you do install FF 82, you will have to disable automatic updates (search "update" in Options) lest you get updated back to 83 next time you open the browser. If you wish to monitor new releases and switch back to the most up-to-date version of Firefox as soon as this bug has been fixed, then I recommend installing Firefox Developer Edition ( https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/ ), allowing it to update automatically, and checking in with it periodically.

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