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Weird caching? issue with Firefox 82

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I'm working on a small game (web-based) and I'm experiencing a very weird error with the new Firefox 82 update.

What I'm experiencing:

1. I can't logout. Every time I go to /logout, FF refreshes the account page. If I do the same thing on Chrome, it works. 2. I post something on the Forum - page refreshes. If I do CMD+SHIFT+R, the post shows up. 3. I can't login. I login, page stays on an AJAX request with loading. I do CMD+SHIFT+R, it logs me in and goes to the account.

This was all previously working fine in FF 81, and everything IS working as expected in Chrome.

I tried in Vanilla FF (without any plugins) and same issue. I disabled all external scripts that could cause this, and nothing is working.

Example here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/isba772aj49cpoz/Screen%20Recording%202020-10-25%20at%2020.46.04.mov?dl=0

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Hi Cosmin, since you mentioned it was fine in Firefox 81, and since it's a site that requires a login, it would be really helpful if you could run a regression to identify which patch is responsible:


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Did you check the Web Console for possible messages ?

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So, I snooped a bit in the console on what happens on the login via the console.

So: 1. Expected: To be taken to /manager/logout page, where the user is logged out 2. What's actually happening: The /manager/logout page has a "302 - Found" status, it makes a request to the home page with the same status, and then goes back to Manager Account. I've attached a screen with the requests.

For Login, it happens in a same way: I login successfully, but /manager/account gives the same '302 - Found' issue, and then takes me back to the login page (where the browser doesn't see me as logged in, although the session exists - if I refresh the page, I'm logged in nicely).

Any idea why this is happening? I didn't change anything before FF 81 and 82.

Worth a mention - this happened before with a previous version of FF a few weeks ago, which was fixed at some point via an update.

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