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A VPN-Like add-on

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I recently installed an add-on, beginning with the letter M. It's believe it's fairly new and behaves like a vpn and proxy in many ways but isn't. Well I accidentally deleted it and REALLY want to find it again. Can anybody help?

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Do you recall whether you installed it from the Mozilla Add-ons site? To search your history for pages on that site, you can do this:

  • Open the Library window using "Show All History" or Ctrl+Shift+h
  • In the small search box at the upper right, type or paste addons.moz and pause while Firefox generates the matches
  • To visit a listed page in a new tab, right-click > Open in New Tab (otherwise, it will replace the page in the active tab)

Can you find it?

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Actually I was wrong, It's a chrome extension. I came across small an article about it yesterday and it sounded promising. So of course I sat down today to get more information and couldn't remember the name to save my life, just the M Well, I found the extension and yes it begins with an M, it also ends in an R, and not even close to a VPN.

In my defense the word proxy IS in the description:

Maikr HTTP/2 Network Speedup Utility which tunnels web access via HTTP/2 proxy, providing fast and secure network connection. So, not a VPN...at all. But it sounds intriguing and since faster is always better in my book I'm in....as soon as I make sure it's idiot proof for obvious reasons. Thanks for the quick response though! Cheers!

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