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Cannot add new devices for syncing

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Yesterday I posted a query on this topic trying to find out how I can get my Android firefox app to scan QR codes to allow me to add other devices to my existing account. Although I haven't had a reply, I managed to find out how to perform the scanning operation from within the Firefox for Android app (V81.1.4). I set up all the permissions for the app in Settings and thought I was on my way to achieving the result when I found the 'Scan' symbol just above the search bar and tapped that. The QR scanner duly opened and scanned the code and I 'Allowed' the app to open the link. The page that opened announced: 'Pair using an app' and below it asked: 'Did you use the sustem camera? You must pair from within a Firefox app.' I repeated the exercise several times but got the same result. I do not understand why this is happening and why I cannot sync across my devices any more. It seemed to work fine without much intervention from me in the past, but since the recent upgrades the app is equally dysfunctional across all my devices. I sincerely hope that someone out there is able to set me straight.

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