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Problems with syncing across devices

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Since updating to Android version 81.1.4 (which I don't particularly like as the whole fabric of the app renders it more difficult to use) I have had problems syncing across my Windows 10 desktop, my Apple MacBook Pro (OS X 10.15.7) and Android phone. It is as if the last update to both Android and the Windows version of Firefox have destroyed the syncing process that previously existed. Trying to follow the prescribed process for syncing has also proven difficult to the point of frustration. I seek a clear set of the steps involved with explanations of the steps that appear to me to have been omitted by the Firefox cognoscenti so that I can achieve the synchronisation of passwords and bookmarks across platforms. To help understand where I am at in the process and what is going wrong, I have tried to sync devices and add devices by opening Firefox on my Windows desktop and logging into my account. From there I select Account settings-Sync settings-Connect another device. This opens a new tab (Connect another device that has a dialogue box with a 'Show code' button. Clicking on the button produces another dialogue box with a Q-Code displayed that is supposed to 'scan in the code from within Sync settings'. From there on I am lost. I cannot discern any Q-code viewer within the sync settings on my Android device and using my camera results in nothing but an image of the code. Can someone please help with a clear explanation of what I need to do to synchronise Firefox across my platforms and restore my faith in the browser that has served me well for about the past two decades? I have neither the time nor inclination to trawl through all the KB articles that appear somewhat related but prove simply to add to my frustration with the product.

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