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Problem accessing website

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I have been a long-time FF user and have been generally well satisfied with it.

I have also been a long-time user of RT.com for news & opinion so I was dismayed when in April 2019 I could no longer access RT from my FF (V 26.0.1). This was a major inconvenience to me although I could still access RT.com via the FF V 81.0.2 which I run separately, I could not store links its links with the Tab Groups option I use on my older FF version.

Note: I use an outdated version of FF in order to use the Tab Groups add-on V 1.0.2 which I've used since making FF my browser since the versions available on FF Quantum are profoundly inferior to it and don't allow access to literally 10's of thousands of my stored .json files from the older program.

Happily, in January this year I found that access to RT.com via my old FF had been restored… until yesterday when it seemed only intermittently available, and today, appears inaccessible.

I am writing to ask why this has occurred and what can be done to restore access to RT.com via my FF V 26.0.1.

Thank you.


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