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Always save .jpg file

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When I download almost any type of file, Firefox nicely asks whether I would like to always save the file, or always open it with some program. But for .jpg files, it makes a blanket, hard-coded assumption that I do not want to preserve my choice. I cannot add .jpg to the list of actions in the preferences. The authors of the browser forcibly mandate that a .jpg download must go to a popup, and the user's preferred action cannot be maintained internally.

This is a mistake. I realize someone thought it was a very rational idea. it is not. This is a bug.

How can I work around this mistake in the Firefox design?

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JPG files would normally be opened in a browser tab when send with an image content type like image/jpg or image/png that browsers can handle internally. If the image is send with another content type then this would likely be a generic content tpe like "application/octet-stream" or "content-disposition:attachment" what would trigger a download dialog and not an 'open with' dialog. An automatic download action can only be set for a valid MIME type and this would be hard for an image.

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Your Firefox version is unsupported now. Please check for updates.

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You appear to be using Firefox from the Fedora repositories, so you may need to switch to Firefox from the Mozilla server.

Make sure you meet the requirements.