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Deleted Bookmarks and Folders in Bookmarks Toolbar Keep Reappearing/Returning

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Lately I've been having trouble with keeping deleted bookmarks and folders in my bookmarks toolbar from reappearing. The folders in particular have been persistently returning just a minute or two after deleting them. It's also quite noticeable when they come back as I have the 'show bookmarks toolbar' option enabled by default. I've restarted my firefox browser, uninstalled+reinstalled and refreshed and the problem continues to happen. Before trying those methods I tried clearing cache and cookies in settings with no luck either. From what I've noticed it appears to be just a certain set of bookmarks folders which I don't even recall ever adding to the toolbar; some of them look like they are from other device bookmarks I added after syncing. The rest of my bookmarks library seem to working fine however. I looked over the Firefox support articles on the subject as well but couldn't find a fix. Does anyone know something else I could try?

Any help with resolving this annoying occurence would be much appreciated!

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Update: After opening up the browser and being on a few tabs for a while it appears my bookmarks toolbar is back to normal - I haven't had a cascade of deleted bookmark folders returning for a few hours now. I suppose the refresh or reinstall fixed some corrupted cache files.

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Another update on this riveting issue: After turning my laptop off and on again and using Firefox, the bookmarks toolbar has once again started adding back old deleted bookmark folders. I've searched around a decent bit online and on youtube for help or just a little extra information on this odd occurrence but still can't find anything. Is this possibly just a bug in the latest version of Firefox? I'd still like to get to the bottom of this!

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