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My computer crashes when I try to upload a picture to ebay listing

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bp-142a7886-259c-4733-8865-3af880200918 9/18/20, 9:26 AM View bp-43c1908b-ef7e-4fb7-b622-ba1a80200918 9/18/20, 9:17 AM

These are the crash reports that came up for this morning. It has crashed each time since then. I'm trying to upload pictures from the desktop to ebay listing. Please help, thanks!

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Product Firefox Release Channel esr Version 78.2.0esr Build ID 20200817153328 (2020-08-17) Buildhub data OS OS X 10.11 OS Version 10.11.6 15G22010

bp-142a7886-259c-4733-8865-3af880200918 bp-43c1908b-ef7e-4fb7-b622-ba1a80200918

Signature: objc_exception_rethrow | -[NSOpenGLLayer drawInOpenGLContext:pixelFormat:forLayerTime:displayTime:]

MOZ_CRASH Reason (Sanitized) : MOZ_CRASH(Unhandled exception)


This is for Sumo's Related Bugs 1601985 ASSIGNED --- Crash in [@ objc_addExceptionHandler | -[NSOpenGLLayer drawInOpenGLContext:pixelFormat:forLayerTime:displayTime:]]

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When the browser crashed, were you working with the Mac file-picker?

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You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

Close and restart Firefox after modifying the setting for changes to take effect.

You can check in Font Book for font issues like corrupted and duplicate fonts. You can try to do some maintenance.