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How to set Enhanced Tracking Strict as default but Standard for specific sites?

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Firefox 80.0.1 64-bit; Windows 10 Pro

When Enhanced Tracking is Strict some websites lose functionality.

The only options seem to be.

    Disable Enhanced Tracking for that site

or Set Enhanced Tracking to Standard or Custom for all sites

So far, the frequented websites all seem to work with Strict except one and, for it, I would like to have it set to Standard rather than none.

If I am correct, let me know. if wrong, either direct me to instructions or just tell me. Yes, I have looked.


PS. My current option, for that one website, is to run Firefox in a separate Sandbox and set all websites to Standard.

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All I know (keep in mind that I'm a contributor and not a hired support so I don't know everything) is that the only option there is is to do what you've already seen. All I can think of is to just hit the "Disable Enhanced Tracking for that site" and that's that.


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DaneQuane, Thank you for responding and for confirming what was thought to be true.

It is not an issue. I just wanted to verify there was no way to do it. Using Sandboxie other options are available.

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If this is only about cookies then you can try to create a cookie allow exception with the proper protocol (https:// or http://) for involved third-party domains as listed as blocking if you click shield icon.

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Thanks, but that is not the only issue. I am looking for as much security as possible. Luckily, using Sandboxie I have one sandbox set to strict and another set to standard. Problem basically solved.

Thanks for helping again!

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