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saving login credentials on certain websites

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Login credential saving and prefill has been working great and synching across devices extremely well for quite awhile now. Very impressive.

Unfortunately, I have encountered a website where credentials appear not savable. I verified the domain is not listed as one that should be excluded from this process. I also tried the solution described at this link which involves saving a javascript as a bookmark, then using that bookmark in the course of logging into a site where credentials are not being saved.

I am wondering if you can verify for me that this domain cannot have its login credentials saved by Firefox and if possible, explain why this is the case. The domain is washingtontimes.com, the signin link is in the upper right corner of the page if you go there.

I recognize this hard to check if you do not have an account with the site in question. My hope is you can see something to explain what I am seeing. This is a big ask, so I want to express special appreciation for any assistance or information you might be able to provide.

Thank you.

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If you go to about:logins in Firefox, you can always add an account if you like for any website. Just click on Create new login on the bottom left and you can from here add which ever website you like and add your username/Email and your password.

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You can try to open this login form in a new tab via the right-click context menu.

  • This Frame -> Open Frame in New Tab

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