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sending page to my phone doesn't

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I use Send Tab to Device all the time. To my phone, my tablet, my work & home laptops. Except recently, the tab I send won't show up on my phone. Notifications are enabled. I can send from my phone to my work laptop. I can send from my work to home laptop. But to the phone, it says sent, and nothing ever arrives. Everything is synced. What else can I do?

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You can possibly use an extension in Firefox that converts a link to a QR code and scan this QR code with your mobile device if send tab to device isn't working. You can search the Add-ons website for a suitable extension.

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I shouldn't have to use a work-around to use a feature that was working up to a week ago. And it works with all other devices. I can send from one laptop to another, but not to my phone. *Anymore.* This was working as of last week. And I still get the "Sent!" message. But the tab never shows up on my phone.

Since Firefox for Android just had a major update, I'm thinking that is the cause of this glitch. I hope someone can tell me what setting I have to change or what I have to (re)enable to get this working on again.


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I've noticed on several occasions that sending a link to a mobile device isn't working as expected and it can take unknown time for the tab to arrive even if you have to turn on the device to make it appear as a choice on desktop. Maybe the server is too busy on occasions.

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Except the tabs never showed up. Would they be permanently lost if the server is busy?

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Monica, question for clarification. What Android phone/version? More importantly, does the Tab show up under Menu-> Synced Tabs?

I also don't see an open Tab when I send the tab to my phone,BUT it is there under the Synced Tabs and it opens for me. I'm on Google Pixel 3 XL with Firefox for Android version 80.1.3 updated 9/8/2020.

Maybe they changed ui for Android?

Also, I am assuming you are logged into your firefox account on all machines, when you are attempting this.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Marc T vào

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I think that send tab to device uses a push operation to send the tab to the phone. Make sure you haven't enabled a power saving mode on the mobile device.

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No cor-el, I don't have power save enabled.

Marc, I have a Galaxy 10e. I do see the tab in the synced tabs under my work laptop. I guess that's how I'll have to do it from now on. I suppose it's simpler, and the synced tabs kind of eliminates the need to send a tab anywhere. I wonder if I missed a mention that this was a change in the UI?

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Does the problem still exist if you have Firefox opened on both your phone and laptop?

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I have this issue as well, sometimes I get the tab, most times I don't, however if I use send to ALL devices it was working that way. I just tested it however, and I did not get the tab. So I rebooted my phone and got the tabs I was sending over all at once. The issue is more assuredly on the Firefox Android application. Restarting my phone has fixed the sync issue but it will come back. Probably in an hour I will be unable to ship over tabs.

All syncs are logged in but prior to reboot sync showed there was nothing there. Also having Firefox open on both machines had no impact.

I am using Windows 10/Debian and Android Pixel 5. All are up to date.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Conan Browne vào

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This was occurring to me as well. I tried clearing app data (this is the equivalent of uninstalling and re-installing the app) and this solved it. BE WARNED: When you do this, all your app's data is cleared which means your Firefox login, open tabs, bookmarks etc. Anything not synced will be gone forever and anything synced will need you to login to your Firefox account again.

Android app version: 84.1.2 (Build #2015783147) AC: 67.0.14, 8b9aabdda GV: 84.0.2-20201223151259 AS: 67.0.0

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I've had this problem, too. I'm using Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite. Send to Device was working just recently, but as of more recently, it doesn't work—from any device TO any device (I have an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPad Pro 2020 and a MacBook Pro 17). I just now disconnected the sync from the iPhone and iPad and reconnected them (from my MacBook Pro), but still no dice. Oh, well...

I mostly use my synced tabs anyway and that is what I use most of the time. Too bad Send Tab to Device doesn't seem to work anymore...it's a handy feature that I have used on occasion. Hopefully it will work again.