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How can I restore the tab loading animation for the save dialogue box?

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Short version: I want the sliding dot tab loading animation to happen when I click a download link to 'save as'...

Wordsy version: I upgraded to version 80.0 which removes some of the animations present in previous versions - normally I'd be happy about this, but I actually found the sliding dot/tab loading animation while waiting for the save dialogue box to appear really helpful. I still have the tab loading animation while the actual tab itself is loading, but it used to also animate when I clicked a download link and triggered the save dialogue box. I'm often clicking multiple links one after another (eg downloading images from unsplash) and sometimes have to wait a little while for the box with the save button to show - the animation let me know that there was a save dialogue box on the way, which was great if I lost count or if one download link didn't trigger, but now I just sit there wondering if there's one coming or not, which is annoying.

I've been through the about:config page and made sure all the relevant settings for tab animations are set to 'true', and I've wasted a good couple of hours or more googling it, but I can't find a way to re-enable this one specific animation. If anyone can help me with this, please let me know, I need those annoying bouncy dots back!

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