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firefox browser

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hi I understand Firefox is still a browser but has added other features / functions now these extra added functions and features are causing problems for me and amongst others does not allow me access to other websites and services fex Firefox clashes with 1Password and makes it difficult to access my 1 Password account

Is there a way I can continue with Firefox as a Browzer only and delete all other functions and features added ? and that I by mistake have started saying yes to but understanding what this is all about no longer want to subscribe to As it no longer serves my purpose. greatful for a reply kind regards Ann

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Hi Ann, could you describe the problem in more detail -- what happens when you try to access your 1Password account? Is the problem when you go to their website to sign in to your account, or when you are using their add-on for Firefox?

You might want to turn off Firefox's built-in password manager (Lockwise) in case that is interfering. To do that, you can uncheck the box for "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" on the Preferences page. There's a section about this in the following article:

Password Manager - Remember, delete and edit logins and passwords in Firefox -- in the Table of Contents, click "Disabling the Password Manager"

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Duplicate question.

Please continue in your original thread :


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Please continue here: [/questions/1300974]