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hi Firefox brozer does not work ?!!§

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Hi firefox does not work and it clashes with 1 Password ? please help me get firefox up and going again as I have been very satisfied with firefox for many years but now must look into changing browzer if this cant be solved ASAP

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Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? What is/are the exact error message(s) ?

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Please confirm Firefox is still functioning as a Browzer ? Please also clarify the added functions that Firefox seems to have added to my account recently like fex a similar function as 1Password ( that mAKE YOU STORE YOUR PASSWORDS SAFE ) the first difficulty and problem I noticed with Firefox recently (and that it might have added other functions to my account )was that firefox hindered me using 1Password or that it made it difficult for me to get access to my 1Password account

I only want Firefox as a brozer and need help in discontinuing any added functions Firefox automaticly has added or I myself have added accidently Thank you !

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I called for more help for you.

Firefox is still a web browser. Mozilla programmers add new features to keep the browser safe from outside interference. Sometimes, users have trouble with those changes.

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Hi and thanks Fred, ( whoever you are )? are you part of firefox support team or just a user yourself who helps out ?

your answer clarified that Firefox is still browser and you confirmed there are new features being added to Firefox `to make it safer `

well it did not serve it´s purpose for me as it just confused things and interfered with other programmes I have and prevents access to these programmes

I am seriously considering discontinuing my account with Firefox after all these years as this does not serve me any longer

ps do you by any chance if you are not a representative for firefox, know a support number to call within Firefox ?


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You might want to turn off Firefox's built-in password manager (Lockwise) in case that is interfering with 1Password. To do that, you can uncheck the box for "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" on the Preferences page. There's a section about this in the following article:

Password Manager - Remember, delete and edit logins and passwords in Firefox -- in the Table of Contents, click "Disabling the Password Manager"

Generally speaking, the replies on this forum are from support volunteers, hardly ever from Mozilla employees. There is no phone support number; anyone offering phone support for Firefox usually is angling to get you to sign up for a paid contract.